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Volume LVIII (2017)

Grandis and Paré, Adjoints for multiple categories (on weak and lax multiple categories, III), 3
M. Barr, On certain topological *-autonomous categories, 49
R. Guitart, Autocategories: III. Representations, and expansions of previous examples 67
May, Zakharevich, and Stephan, The homotopy theory of equivariant posets, 82
A. Kock, Affine combinations in affine schemes, 115
Aoki and Kuribayashi, On the category of stratifolds, 131
Grandis, G. Janelidze, and Marki, Two- and one-dimensional combinatorial exactness structures in Kurosh–Amitsur radical theory, I, 16
5 Sean Tull, Condition for an n-permutable category to be Mal'tsev, 189
Grandis and Paré, A multiple category of multiple lax-categories, 195
S. Vickers, Arithmetic universes and classifying toposes, 213
TAC, Contents of Volume 31 (2016), 249
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LVIII, 253

Volume LVII (2016)

Christensen and Enxin Wu, Tangent spaces and tangent bundles for diffeological spaces, 3
Hosseini and Qasemi-Nezhad, Equalizers in Kleisli categories, 51
T. Janelidze-Gray, Calculus of E-Relations in incomplete relatively regular categories, 83
Grandis and Pare, An introduction to multiple categories (on weak and lax multiple categories, I), 103
Grandis and Pare, Limits in multiple categories (on weak and lax multiple categories, II), 163
W. Rump, The completion of a quantum B-algebra, 203
N. Gill, On a conjecture of Degos, 229
Blute, Lucyshyn-Wright and O'Neill, Derivations in codifferential categories, 243
J. Bourke, Note on the construction of globular weak omega-groupoids from types, topological spaces..., 281
W. Tholen, A mathematical tribute to Reinhard Börger, 295
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LVII (2016), 315

Volume LVI (2015)

A. Kock, Duality for generic algebras, 2
J. Chiche, Theories homotopiques des 2-categories, 16
A. Ehresmann, Parcours d'un Topologue-Categoricien : Jean-Marc Cordier (1946-2014), 76
D. Ara, Structures de categorie de modeles a la Thomason sur la categorie des 2-categories strictes, 83
S. A. Solovyov, Localification procedure for affine systems, 109
E. Mehdi-Nezhad, Abstract annihilation graphs, 133
L. Stramaccia, The coherent category of inverse systems, 147
Barr, Kennison and Raphael, On reflective and coreflective hulls, 162
Shen and Tholen, Limits and colimits of quantaloid-enriched categories and their distributors, 209
Carletti and Grandis, Generalised pushouts, connected colimits and codiscrete groupoids, 232
P. Gaucher, The geometry of cubical and regular transition systems, 242
Cockett and Cruttwell. The Jacobi identity for tangent categories, 301
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LVI, 317

Volume LV (2014)

Descotte and Dubuc, A theory of 2-pro-objects 2
Bezhanishvili and Harding, Stable compactifications of frames 37
R. Guitart, Autocategories: I. A common setting for knots and 2- catgories 66
Martins-Ferreira and van der Linden, Categories vs. groupoids via generalised Maltsev properties 83
M. Menni, Sufficient cohesion over atomic toposes 113
R. Guitart, Autocategories: II. Autographic algebras 151
D. Garraway, Q-valued sets and relational sheaves 161
Allouch and Simpson, Classification des matrices associs aux catories finies 205
Ehresmann, Gran and Guitart, New editorial Board of the "Cahiers" 242
Lack and Street, On monads and warpings 244
Bertram and Souvay, A general construction of Weil functors 267
TAC : Theory and Applications of Categories 314
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LV, 317

Volume LIV (2013)

E. Cheng, A direct proof that the category of 3-computads is not cartesian closed 3
R. Guitart, Trijunctions and triadic Galois connections 13
J. E. Bergner, Derived Hall algebras for stable homotopy theories 28
J.-Y. Degos, Linear groups and primitive polynomials over Fp 56
C. Kachour, Correction to the paper "Operadic definition of the non-strict cells" (2011) 75

Fascicule 2 : 1st issue dedicated to René Guitart

Foreword 82
Publications de René Guitart 85
M. Grandis, Adjoints for symmetric cubical categories (on weak cubical categories, III) 91
S. Dugowson, Espaces connectifs : représentations, feuilletages, ordres et difféologies 137

Fascicule 3 : 2nd issue dedicated to René Guitart

Bourn, Martins-Ferreira & van der Linden, A characterisation of the "Smith is Huq" condition in the pointed Mal'tsev setting 163
Everaert, Goedecke & van der Linden, The fundamental group functor as a Kan extension 184
J.-Y. Degos, Borroméanité du groupe pulsatif 211
Abbad & Vitale, Faithful calculus of fractions 221

Fascicule 4 : 3rd issue dedicated to René Guitart

D. Bourn, Normality, commutation and suprema in the regular Mal'tsev and protomodular settings 243
Baranov & Soloviev, Equality in Lambda Calculus. Weak universality in Category Theory and reversible computations 264
J.-P. Laffineur, Esquissabilité projective des espaces difféologiques 292
A. Ehresmann, Parcours de R. Guitart, un mathématicien aux multiples facettes 298

RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LIV 317

Volume LIII (2012)

G. Maltsiniotis, Carrés exacts homotopiques et dérivateurs, 3
E. Manes, Varieties generated by compact metric spaces, 64
M.L. del Hoyo, On the homotopy type of a (co)fibred category, 82
M. Grandis, A lax symmetric cubical category associated to a directed space, 115
K.Waldorf, Transgression to loop spaces and its inverse, I: Diffeological bundles and fusion maps, 162
Blute, Ehrhard and Tasson, A convenient differential category, 211
R. Guitart, Pierre Damphousse, mathématicien (1947-2012), 233
Fiore, Gambino and J. Kock, Double adjunctions and free monads, 242
Brodolini and Stramaccia, Saturation for classes of morphisms, 307
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LIII, 316

Volume LII (2011)

Kasangian, Metere & Vitale, The Ziqqurath of exact sequences of n-groupoids 2
M. Grandis, Singularities and regular paths (an elementary introduction to smooth homotopy) 45
Hartl & Loiseau, A characterization of finite cocomplete homological and of semi-abelian categories 77
Cheng & Gurski, The periodic table of n-categories II: Degenerate tricategories 82
Barile, Barone and Tulczyjew, The total exterior differential 126
G. Seal, On the monadic nature of categories of ordered sets 163
Brown & Street, Covering morphisms of crossed complexes and of cubical omega-groupoids are closed under tensor product 188
Kenney & Pare, Categories as monoids in Span, Rel and Sup 209
Dubuc & Yuhjtman, A construction of 2-cofiltered bilimits of topoi 242
Blute, Cockett, Porter & Seely, Kahler categories 253
C. Kachour, Operadic definition of non-strict cells 269
Resumés des articles parus dans le Volume LII

Volume LI (2010)

Fascicule 1: 3rd issue dedicated to Francis Borceux

Adamek & Sousa, On quasi-equations on locally presentable categories II: A logic 3
McCurdy & Street, What separable Frobenius monoidal functors preserve? 29
I. Stubbe, "Hausdorff distance" via conical cocompletion 51
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the Journal TAC 77

Fascicule 2: 4th issue dedicated to Francis Borceux

E. Vitale, Bipullbacks and calculus of fractions 83
Janelidze, Marki, Tholen & Ursini, Ideal determined categories 115
M.M. Clementino & Gutierres, On regular and homological closure operators 127
Everaert & Van Der Linden, A note on double central extensions in exact Mal'tsev categories 143

Fascicule 3

J.R.A. Gray, Representability of the strict extension functor for categories of generalized Lie algebras (dedicated to F. Borceux) 162
E. Burroni & Penon, Representation of metric jets (dedicated to F. Borceux) 182
Cheng & Makkai, A Note on the Penon definition of n-category 205
A. Kock, Abstract projective lines 224

Fascicule 4

W. Rump, Objective categories and schemes 243
Ebrahimi, Mahmoudi & Rasouli, Characterizing pomonoids S by complete S-posets 272
S. Dugowson, On connectivity spaces 282
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LI 316

Volume L (2009)

Fascicule 1: 3rd issue dedicated to J. Adamek

Karazeris & Velibil, Representability relative to a doctrine 3
Milius & Moss, Equational properties of recursive program scheme solutions 23
L. Sousa, On boundedness and small-orthogonality classes 67

Fascicule 2

E. Cheng & M. Makkai, A note on the Penon definition of n-category 83
M. Grandis, The role of symmetries in cubical sets and cubical categories 102
R. Guitart, Klein's group as a Borromean object 144
M. Bunge, J. Funk, M. Jibladze & T. Streicher, On the paper "Definable completeness" 156

Fascicule 3: 1st issue dedicated to F. Borceux

Foreword 163
M. Gran & G. Janelidze, Covering morphisms and normal extensions in Galois structures associated with Galois theories 171
R. Borger & R. Kemper, Infinitary linear combinations in reduced cotorsion modules 189
J. Rosicky, Are all cofibrantly generated model categories combinatorial? 233
D. Bourn & G. Janelidze, Centralizers in action accessible categories 211

Fascicule 4: 2nd issue dedicated to F. Borceux

M. Grandis, Limits in symmetric cubical categories (On weak cubical categories, II) 242
J. Adamek & M. Hebert, On quasi-equations in locally presentable categories 273
Z. Janelidze, Closedness properties of internal relations, VI: approximate operations 298

Volume XLIX (2008)

K. Kachour, Définition algébrique des cellules non strictes, 1
Golasinski & Stramaccia, Weak homotopy equivalences of mapping spaces and Vogt's Lemma, 69
R. Guitart, Toute théorie est algébrique et topologique, 83
A. Solomon, A note on Kieboom's Pullback Theorem for cofibrations, 129
A.C. Ehresmann, Fifty years of research, 142
The "Cahiers" on Internet, 153
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the electronic Journal TAC, 155

Fascicule 3 and 4: issues dedicated to J. Adámek

Borceux, Jung, Rosicky & Sousa, Foreword, 163
D. Bourn, The Mal'tsev operation on extensions, 176
Gran & Rodelo, A universal construction in Goursat categories, 196
Sichler & Trnkova, On clones determined by their initial segments, 209
W.Tholen, Injectivity versus exponentiability, 228
Borceux & Rosicky, On filtered weighted colimits of presheaves, 243
Herrlich, Keremedis & Tachtsis, Tychonoff products of super second countable and super separable metric spaces, 267
Janelidze & Sobral, Profinite relationl structures, 280
Koubek & Sichle, On synchronized relatively full embeddings and Q-universality, 289
A.H. Roque, Protomodular quasivarieties of universal algebras, 307
Resumes des articles parus dans le Volume XLIX, 315

Issues 3 and 4 of the Volume XLIX are the first 2 parts of the Adamek Volume. Its last part is Volume L-1, of which the contents are:
Karazeris & Velebil, Representability relative to a doctrine, 3
Milius & Moss, Equational properties of recursive program scheme solutions, 23
L. Sousa, On boundedness and small-orthogonality classes, 67

Volume XLVIII (2007)

Max Kelly, 2
N. Ganter, Smash products of E(1)-local spectra at an odd prime, 3
Golasinski, Goncalves & Wong, Equivariant evaluation subgroups and Rhodes groups, 55
F. Mynard, Unified characterization of exponential objects in TOP, PRTOP and PARATOP, 70
G.E. Reyes, Embedding manifolds with boundary in smooth toposes, 83
Bourn & Rodelo, Cohomology without projectives, 104
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the electronic journal TAC, 155
Grandis & Pare, Lax Kan extensions for double categories, 163
A. Solomon, A category model proof of the Cogluing Theorem, 200
Coquand, Lombardi & Schuster, The projective spectrum as a distributive lattice, 220
I. Kolar, On special types of nonholonomic jets, 228
New book: Memory Evolutive Systems by Ehresmann and Vanbremeersch, 238
Colebunders & Gerlo, Firm reflections generated by complete metric spaces, 243
R. Guitart, An anabelian definition of abelian homology, 261
A.C. Ehresmann, Sur Paulette Libermann (1919-2007), 270
A.C. Ehresmann, Fiftieth anniversary of the "Cahiers", 275
Index of the "Cahiers" I to XLVIII, 278
Resumes des articles parus dans le Volume XLVIII, 317

Volume XLVII (2006)

Kock & Reyes, Distributions and heat equation in SDG, 2-28
R. Attal, Combinatorial stacks and the four-color Theorem, 29-49
S. Niefield, Homotopic pullbacks, lax pullbacks and exponentiability, 50-80
Dubuc & Street, A construction of 2-filtered bicolimits of categories, 83-106
M. Grandis, Lax 2-categories and directed homotopy, 107-128
H. Nishimura, Synthetic Differential Geometry of higher-order differentials, 129-154 et 207-232
Jibladze & Pirashvili, Quillen cohomology and Baues-Wirsching cohomology of algebraic structures, 163-205
C. Townsend, A categorical proof of the equivalence of local compactness and exponentiability in locale theory, 233-239
Barkhudaryan, Koubek & Trnkova, Structural properties of endofunctors, 242-260
R. Garner, Double clubs, 261-317
RÉSUMÉS des articles parus dans le Volume XLVII, 318-320.

Volume XLVI (2005)

Bourn & Penon, Catégorification de structures définies par monade cartésienne, 2
M. Grandis, Equilogical spaces, homology and non-commutative geometry, 53
Dubuc & Zilber, Weil prolongations of Banach manifolds in an analytic model of SDG, 83
I. Stubbe, Categorical structures enriched in a quantaloid: regular presheaves, regular semicategories,99
M. Lawson, Constructing ordered groupoids,123
Bridges, Ishihara, Schuster & Vita, Products in the category of apartness spaces, 139
RESUMES DU COLLOQUE INTERNATIONAL "Charles Ehresmann : 100 ans" (Amiens, Octobre 2005), 163
W.D. Garraway, Sheaves for an involutive quantaloid, 243
Giuli & Slapal, Raster convergence with respect to a closure operator, 275
B. Banaschewski, Projective frames: a general view, 301
Guide to authors, 313

Volume XLV (2004)

N. Ball & A. Pultr, Forbidden forests in Priestley spaces, 2-22.
J. Kubarsi & T. Rybicki, Local and nice structures of the groupoid of an equivalence relation, 23-34.
Dawson, Paré & Pronk, Free extensions of double categories, 35-80.
Lawson & Sieinberg, Ordered groupoids and etendues, 82-108.
D-C. Cisinski, Le localisateur fondamental minimal, 109-140.
Centazzo, Rosicky & Vitale, A characterization of locally D-presentable categories, 141-146.
Ebrahimi, Tabatabaee & Mahmoudi, Metrizability of ?-frames, 147-156.
Y. Kopylov, Exact couples in a Raikov semi-abelian category, 162-178.
Adams & van der Zypen, Representable posets and their order components, 179-192.
Grandis & Pare, Adjoint for double categories, 193-240.
Bunge, Funk, Jibladze & Streicher, Definable completeness, 243-266.
A. Frolicher, Axioms for convenient calculus, 267-286.
Kruml & Resende, On quantales that classify C*-algebras, 287-296.
D. van der Zypen, Order convergence and compactness, 297-300.
Guo, Sobral & Tholen, Descent equivalence, 301-315.

Volume XLIV (2003)

Johnson & McCarthy, A classification of degree n functors, I 2 M. MacKaay, Note on the holonomy of connections in twisted bundles, 39
Bullejos, Faro & M.A. Garcia-Munoz, Homotopy colimits and cohomology with local coefficients, 63
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the electronic Journal TAC 82
A. Kock, The stack quotient of a groupoid, 85
Fiedorowicz & Vogt, Simplicial n-fold monoidal categories model all loop spaces, 105
I. Kolar, A general point of view to nonholonomic jet bundles, 149
Johnson & McCarthy, A classification of degree n functors, II 163
Barkhudaryan, El Bashir & Trnkova, Endofunctors of Set and cardinalities, 217
Biographie de René Lavendhomme, 242 242
Garzon & del Rio, Low-dimensional cohomology for categorical groups 247
M. Grandis, Directed homotopy Theory, I 281
Resumés des articles parus dans le Volume XLIV 317

Volume XLIII (2002)

Alvarez, Vilaboa, Rodriguez & Novoa, About the naturality of Beattie's Decomposition Theorem with respect to a change of Hopf Algebras, 2
J. Paseka, A note on nuclei of quantale modules, 19
A. Frölicher, Linear spaces and involutive duality functors, 35
V. Lyubashenko, Tensor product of categories of equivariant perverse sheaves, 49
Adamek, Herrlich, Rosicky & Tholen, On a generalized small-object argument for the injective subcategory problem, 83
P. Gaucher, About the globular homology of higher dimensional automata, 107
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the electronic Journal TAC, 157
Moens, Berni-Canani & Borceux, On regular presheaves and regular semi-categories, 163
R. Leclercq, Symétries de Hecke à déterminant associé central, 191
P. Kainen, Isolated squares in hypercubes and robustness of commutativity, 213
T. Pirashvili, On the PROP corresponding to bialgebras, 221
L. Stramaccia, Shape and strong shape equivalences, 242
B. Toen, Vers une interprétation galoisienne de la théorie de l'homotopie, 257
Y.T. Rhineghost, The boolean prime ideal theorem holds iff maximal open filters exist, 313
Résumés des articles parus dans le Volume XLIII 317

Volume XLII (2001)

P. Akueson, Géométrie de l'espace tangent sur l'hyperboloïde quantique, 2
Hebert, Adamek & Rosicky, More on orthogonality in locally presentable categories, 51
M. Golasinski & D. Lima Gonçalves, Equivariant Gottlieb groups, 83
M. Grandis, Higher fundamental functors for simplicial sets, 101
S. Piccarreta, Rational nilpotent groups as subgroups of self-homotopy equivalences, 137
W. Rump, Almost abelian categories, 163
Barr & Kleisli, Correction to "Topological balls", 227
P. Ageron, Esquisses inductives et presque inductives, 229
E. Lowen-Colebunders, R. Lowen & M. Nauwelaerts, The cartesian closed hull of the category of approach space, 242
S. Klaus, Cochain operations and higher cohomology operations, 261
M. Sioen, Symmetric monoidal closed structures in PRAP, 285
Résumés des articles parus dans le Volume XLII, 317

Volume XLI (2000)

S. CRANS, On braidings, syllepses, and symmetries, 2
ALVAREZ & VILABOA, On Galois H-objects and invertible H*-modules, 75
DUBUC & ZILBER, Infinitesimal and local structures for Banach spaces and its exponentials in a topos, 82
D. HOLGATE, Completion and closure, 101
PULTR & THOLEN, Localic enrichments of categories, 121
L. SCHRÖDER, Isomorphisms and splitting of idempotents in semicategories, 143
NOUVEAU LIVRE: Cours d'Analyse 3, par Chatterj, 154
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the electronic Journal TAC, 157
P. BOOTH, Fibrations and classifying spaces: overview and the classical example, 162
DUBUC & ZILBER, Inverse function theorems for Banach spaces in a topos, 207
PULTR & SICHLER, A Priestley view on spatialization of frames, 225
NOUVEAU LIVRE: Gödel: une révolution en mathématiques, par A. Delessert, 239
M. BARR, On *-autonomous categories of topological vector spaces, 243
N. S. YANOFSKY, The Syntax of coherence, 255
MOENS & VITALE, Groupoids and the Brauer group, 305
Addendum à D. HOLGATE, Completion and closure, 314
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume XLI, 316

Volume XL (1999)

M. BARR & H. KLEISLI, Topological balls, 3
DOUPOVEC & KOLÁR, On the jets of fibered manifold morphisms, 21
J. PENON, Approche polygraphique des infini-catégories non strictes, 31
A. KOCK & G. REYES, A Note on frame distributions 127
DAMPHOUSSE & GUITART, Liftings of Stone's monadicity to spaces and the duality between the calculi of inverse and direct images 141
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the electronic Journal TAC 158
M. GRANDIS & R.PARÉ, Limits in double categories 162
H. HERRLICH & L. SCHRODER, Composing special epimorphisms and retractions 221
D.-C. CISINSKI, La classe des morphismes de Dwyer n'est pas stable par rétractes 227
E. DAVID, Stone spaces of more partially ordered sets 233
Kyung Chan MIN, Young Sun KIM & Jin Won PARK, Fibrewise exponential laws in a quasi-topos 242
MUTLU & PORTER, Free crossed resolutions from simplicial resolutions with given CW-basis 261
E. VITALE, Multi-bimodels 283
D. BOURN, Baer sums and fibered aspects of Malc'ev operations 297
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume XL 317

Volume XXXIX (1998)

CRANE & YETTER, Examples of categorification, 3
S. MANTOVANI, Semilocalizations of exact and Lextensive categories, 27
CAVICCHIOLI, HEGENBARTH & SPAGGIARI, Topological properties of high-dimensional handles, 45
PULTR & SICHLER, Finite commutative monoids of open maps, 63
P.I. BOOTH, Fibrations and classifying spaces: an axiomatic approach, 83
DUBUC & ZILBER, Banach spaces in an analytic model of SDG, 117
GRANDJEAN & VITALE, Morita equivalence for regular algebras, 137
CRANE & YETTER, Deformations of (bi)tensor categories, 163
P.I. BOOTH, Fibrations and classifying spaces: An axiomatic Approach II, 181
BORCEUX & CRUCIANI, Skew omega-sets coincide with omega-poset, 205
P. CRISTOFORI, Heegard and regular genus agree for compact 3-manifolds, 221
J. BICHON, Trivialisations dans les catégories tannakiennes, 243
P.I. BOOTH, On the geometric bar construction and the Brown Representability Theorem, 271
GRAN & VITALE, On the exact completion of the homotopy category, 287
INDEX des Volumes XXVI à XXXIX (1985-1998), 307

Volume XXXVIII (1997)

M.A. BATANIN, Categorical strong shape theory, 3
J.G. CABELLO, Simplicial groups as models for n-types, 67
GARZON & MIRANDA, Homotopy theory for (braided) Cat-groups, 99
CASALI & MALAGOLI, Handle-decompositions of PL 4-manifolds, 141
K.I. ROSENTHAL, Relational monoids, multirelations, and quantalic recognizers, 161
G.M. KELLY & I.J. LE CREURER, On the monadicity over Graphs of categories with limits, 179
J.-L. BRYLINSKI, Central extensions and reciprocity laws, 193
J. ADAMEK & M.-C. PEDICCHIO, A remark on topological spaces, grids and topological system,s 217
P. KARAZERIS, Compact topologies on locally presentable categories, 227
E. LOWEN, R. LOWEN & VERBEECK, Exponential objects in the construct PRAP, 259
D. DIKRANJAN & J. PELANT, Categories of topological spaces with sufficiently many sequentially closed spaces, 277
M. GRANDIS, Weak subobjects and weak limits in categories and homotopy categories, 301


The "Cahiers" are a quarterly Journal with one Volume a year (divided in 4 issues). They publish original papers in Mathematics, the center of interest being the Theory of Categories and its applications, specially in Topology and Differential Geometry. Papers submitted for publication should be sent to one of the editors. Authors can obtain detailed information on submission format from the "Guide to Authors" published in each issue of the "Cahiers". An Index of all the papers published in the "Cahiers" since their creation, as well as English abstracts of the papers published since 1999 can be found at the URL:
All the papers published in former volumes of the "Cahiers" (up to volume LII) are now freely available online on the NUMDAM site:


Chief Editors

A.C. Ehresmann, Faculté de Math. et Info., Amiens.
M. Gran, Universite catholique de Louvain,
R. Guitart, U.F.R. de Math., Université Paris 7:


J. Adamek, Technical University Braunschweig:
C. Berger, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France
M. Bunge, McGill University, Montreal:
M.M Clementino, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Z. Janelidze, Stellenbosch University, Afrique du Sud
P. Johnstone, University of Cambridge, G.-B:
A. Kock, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark:
S. Lack, Macquarie University, Australie
S. Mantovani, Universita degli Studi di Milano, Italie
T. Porter, University College of North Wales, Bangor:
J. Pradines, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse:
E. Riehl, Harvard University, U.S.A.
R. Street, Macquarie University, Australie:


All backsets of the "Cahiers" are still available, as well as the Supplements, published from 1980 to 1984, devoted to the collected works of the mathematician Charles Ehresmann (1905-1979), who created the "Cahiers" in 1958. These Supplements consist of 7 books, and may be obtained soft or cloth covered. They contain all the articles of C. Ehresmann, with long comments (in English) updating these papers.

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