Theory and Applications of Categories (ISSN 1201 - 561X) is the all-electronic, refereed journal on Category Theory, categorical methods and their applications in the mathematical sciences. The editorial policy of the journal provides details.

The Editorial Board controls the journal with coordination by its Managing Editor Geoff Cruttwell, Associate Managing Editor Michael Barr, and Steering Committee. Electronic archives are maintained by the journal and at various mirror sites.

The Editorial Board wishes to acknowledge financial support from the M. Y. Bell Faculty Fund towards purchase of the journal's first server in 1996, and on-going technical support from the Mount Allison University Computing Services Department.


The journal Theory and Applications of Categories will disseminate articles that significantly advance the study of categorical algebra or methods, or that make significant new contributions to mathematical science using categorical methods. The scope of the journal includes: all areas of pure category theory, including higher dimensional categories; applications of category theory to algebra, geometry and topology and other areas of mathematics; applications of category theory to computer science, physics and other mathematical sciences; contributions to scientific knowledge that make use of categorical methods.

Articles appearing in the journal have been carefully and critically refereed under the responsibility of members of the Editorial Board. Only papers judged to be both significant and excellent are accepted for publication.

The journal is available via the Web and archived electronically.

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Subscribers to the journal receive abstracts of accepted papers by email. The full articles are available on the web in PDF format.

To subscribe, send a request to The journal is free. Institutional subscribers are invited to consult with the Managing Editor about subscription and/or archiving.

Authors retain copyright to articles appearing in the Journal. The Journal itself is copyright by its Editorial Board. For any other query, contact the Managing Editor, Geoff Cruttwell, .

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For various reasons, such as temporary shut-downs and archival diversity, it is useful to maintain "mirrors" of the journal which are complete copies of the articles and other information. You may find one of the locations listed below provides convenient alternate access. The definitive current version of the journal is that maintained on its server.

If you access the journal from a mirror site and find it not up to date, follow the Home site link on the journal home page.

The mirrors are:

The National Library of Canada
at as part of its Electronic Collection
The Electronic Library
of the European Mathematical Society at The journals at this site are further mirrored at

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The members of the Steering Committee are:

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