Abelian Categories

Notes on Printing

Owing to the fact that this was scanned as a pdf file, with a new foreword added by the author, it is available only in that format. There are a number of versions (followed by an explanation of signatures):

foreword.pdf (New foreword only - if you have the book and only want that)
tr3.pdf (Individual pages, 192 of them)
tr3-2l.pdf (Same, but 2up, for lettersize paper)
tr3-2a4.pdf (Same, but for A4)
tr3-4l.pdf (Single page signatures, lettersize)
tr3-4a4.pdf (Same for A4)
tr3-16l.pdf (Four page signatures, lettersize)
tr3-16a4.pdf (Same for A4)
tr3-32l.pdf (Eight page signatures, lettersize)
tr3-32a4.pdf (Same for A4)

Incidentally, that is an "ell" at the end of the lettersize versions. Now if you print the 2up versions you get two pages to a page of either size paper. They are rotated 90 degrees. If you print this on a single-sided printer, you will find that you have a sheaf of 96 single pages, each with two pages from the book. All the remaining files are meant to be printed on a two-sided printer (although you might, with care, be able to print the odd pages on one side, turn it over and then the even ones on the other) and you will find them rotated clockewise on one side and counter-clockwise on the other. If you view them, half the pages will be upside-down. This is correct and after printing you will have a bunch of "signatures" that you can take to a binder or put them in some kind of binder yourself. The single signatures will have, for example, pages 4, then 1 on one side and 2, then 3 on the other and if you fold it you will have a booklet reading 1,2,3,4 in order. Put this back to back with the next booklet and so on. (The actual book starts with page -23, consisting of the 12 page foreword and then continuing the book numbering, which starts at -11.) If you are using a professional binder (and maybe if you aren't) you will probably want to choose either the 4 or 8 page signatures. In the latter, you might have, say, page 32, followed by 1 on one side and page 2, followed by 31 on the other. The next physical sheet would have 30, then 3 on one side and 4, then 29 on the other. The eighth sheet would have 18, then 15 on one side and 16, then 17 on the other. Put together and folded, this will give you a booklet that goes from page 1 to 32, which can be sewn into one signature and signatures can all be bound into a book.

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