Limits in dagger categories

Chris Heunen and Martti Karvonen

We develop a notion of limit for dagger categories, that we show is suitable in the following ways: it subsumes special cases known from the literature; dagger limits are unique up to unitary isomorphism; a wide class of dagger limits can be built from a small selection of them; dagger limits of a fixed shape can be phrased as dagger adjoints to a diagonal functor; dagger limits can be built from ordinary limits in the presence of polar decomposition; dagger limits commute with dagger colimits in many cases.

Keywords: Dagger category, limit, adjoint functors

2010 MSC: 18A40, 18C15, 18C20, 18D10, 18D15, 18D35

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 34, 2019, No. 18, pp 468-513.

Published 2019-06-11.

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