A Categorical Reduction System for Linear Logic

Ryu Hasegawa

Diagram chasing is not an easy task. The coherence holds in a generalized sense if we have a mechanical method to judge whether given two morphisms are equal to each other. A simple way to this end is to reform a concerned category into a calculus, where the instructions for the diagram chasing are given in the form of rewriting rules. We apply this idea to the categorical semantics of the linear logic. We build a calculus directly on the free category of the semantics. It enables us to perform diagram chasing as essentially one-way computations led by the rewriting rules. We verify the weak termination property of this calculus. This gives the first step towards the mechanization of diagram chasing.

Keywords: type theory, linear logic, rewriting system

2020 MSC: 03B40, 68N18

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 35, 2020, No. 50, pp 1833-1870.

Published 2020-11-16.


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