On coherent systems of subobjects with application to torsion theories

Francis Borceux and Maria Manuel Clementino

In a coherent category, the posets of subobjects have very strong properties. We emphasize the validity of these properties, in general categories, for well-behaved classes of subobjects. As an example of application, we investigate the problem of the various torsion theories which can be universally associated with a pretorsion one.

Keywords: coherent system of subobjects, (pre)torsion theory, torsion objects, torsion free objects, stable category, category of fractions

2020 MSC: 18E40, 18B50, 18A20, 18E35

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 40, 2024, No. 8, pp 249-277.

Published 2024-04-11.


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