Latent Fibrations: Fibrations for Categories of Partial Maps

Robin Cockett, Geoff Cruttwell, Jonathan Gallagher, and Dorette Pronk

Latent fibrations are an adaptation, appropriate for categories of partial maps (as presented by restriction categories), of the usual notion of fibration. This paper initiates the development of the basic theory of latent fibrations and explores some key examples. Latent fibrations cover a wide variety of examples, some of which are partial versions of standard fibrations, and some of which are particular to partial map categories (particularly those that arise in computational settings). Latent fibrations with various special properties are identified: hyperconnected latent fibrations, in particular, are shown to support the construction of a fibrational dual - important to reverse differential programming and, more generally, in the theory of lenses.

Keywords: latent fibrations, restriction categories, partial maps

2020 MSC: 18B99, 18D30

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 36, 2021, No. 16, pp 423-491.

Published 2021-07-14.

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